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Be sure the left and right hands of your organization are working together with the easy-to-use proprietary mobile app design process that's precisely tailored to fit enterprise needs.


What can
do for you?


Create instant engagement for all of your audiences on one fast, flexible, easy-to-use native proprietary mobile app design process. No coding required.


Mobilize your data


Create better customer conversations

4 dots

Keep materials and
messaging consistent


Collect user data


Engage employees
and build teams


Enhance performance and facilitate management


Host informal learning


Distribute policy updates and company news


Be there, wherever they are.

Engage your audiences with content when and where they need it.


Who can use

Brand managers, sales directors, HR departments and more…

Anyone in any industry can use appidextrous – without breaking a sweat or their budget. Make sure your organization's messaging stays consistent and up-to-date in the field and across departments, regions, countries and even customers.

... using our proprietary mobile app design process.


Easy to do it yourself.
Easier yet, you don't have to.

appidextrous is a proprietary mobile app design process created to meet the user experience and service needs of global enterprise. It’s also:


Unique design that allows users to choose different page templates, color schemes and custom icons

Easy to maintain

Unlike other app providers, appidextrous goes beyond support. We provide the service global business users need to design and launch custom apps successfully, including direct access to your personal product consultant.

Core Feature Set

Easy-to-use Content
Management System

Rich asset presentation
(videos, images, PDFs)

Real-time content updates

Enhanced customer asset

Search capable

Language selection

User analytics integration

App store distribution

Favorite tagging

Push notifications

In-app help videos


Customization that's as unique as your needs and imagination

Available enterprise license
integration and distribution

Custom analytics integration

Security integration

You’re not on your own.

First, we integrate you into our proprietary mobile app design process and build your initial app. We even provide available ongoing app management services, plus professional sales, marketing, learning and video content developed by our experienced in-house team.

Be appidextrous. Engage your enterprise audience and create a customer or employee community today.